How Women Achieve Multiple Orgasms

DY5ANP Three female friends lying on bed

DY5ANP Three female friends lying on bed

When it comes to achieving multiple orgasms, adult women have a bigger advantage over men. This is because they do not undergo what men call “post-orgasm recovery period”. Hence they can remain sexually aroused for a much longer duration than a man can. In addition, women can become aroused repeatedly, with practically no down time in between orgasms. Below we are going to provide you with a few techniques for achieving multiple orgasms, both alone and with a partner, especially if you are an adult woman.

Build Your Sexual Energy

The first step towards achieving multiple orgasms is building your sexual energy. This can be done by watching a romantic movie, listening to soft music, lighting candles and much more. When you have more sexual energy, it will be easy to achieve multiple orgasms when somebody touches you or when you do it yourself.

Tease Out the Orgasm

As you continue to feel sexier, touch your sensitive body parts such as the breasts, gently. As the body continues to respond positively to the stimulation, move your hands to the vagina. Using a vibrator, penetrate into it several times. Back off when you are just about to achieve orgasm. This will help to build it so that when you eventually climax, it will be a screamer.

Have Your Orgasm

Before having your orgasm, try contracting your PC muscles by engaging in Kegel exercises. This helps to build pressure in readiness for your multiple orgasms.

Start Stimulation Once More

Once you have achieved your first orgasm, you should restart stimulation by touching your clitoris after half an hour. Once the clitoris is aroused, focus on other sensitive spots for more pleasure. Continue caressing yourself until your entire body is sexually aroused. You will eventually get an amazing multiple orgasm and achieve maximum sexual satisfaction.

Parting Shot

The best way to enjoy multiple orgasms is with a partner who knows you intimately. They will know which buttons to push, and when to slow down. A partner who knows your body well and is willing to take the time to bring you to orgasm again and again, while you do the same for them. Someone you can trust to tie you up, spank your bottom until it’s cherry red, make you scream with pleasure again and again, then untie you and kiss you asleep. That’s the best ways to achieve multiple orgasms.

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